Nancy, second from left, pictured with Representative Leon Lillie, Superintendent Christine Tucci Osorio, and Senator Chuck Wiger


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A top priority and core value for me will always be-- Fully investing in our students and schools. Our students, families, teachers, support staff,  administrators and local school boards, have faced tremendous challenges during the pandemic. We can’t let them down.


First, safety is number one. We are in the midst of a pandemic and it is crucial that we address each student’s needs NOW, especially counseling, coping and catching up.


While much of the challenge before us is a result of COVID-19, we also know the pandemic has further exposed and exacerbated existing problems, particularly the opportunity gap.


Closing that gap will eventually happen if we invest in programs that work, for example: full-service community schools which provide wrap-around services, and high-quality early education programs so students are ready for Kindergarten. Quality early-learning programs lead to increased high school graduation rates and success in life.


Additionally, student success will improve and the opportunity gap closes if we recruit, hire and retain more teachers of color and American Indian teachers. Our teaching corps needs to reflect the diversity of the students in our classrooms.


As students progress and graduate, it is imperative that post-secondary education is affordable. Student training needs to be aligned with the needs of our future workforce.

Higher Education

We must do all we can to keep higher education affordable. It is important to invest state dollars in students who are striving to have a bright future.


I support additional investment in the Minnesota State system, which includes Century College. These institutions are striving to recover from the enrollment declines caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Wise state investments will keep our colleges and universities from having to raise tuition.


I believe in helping people who are working hard to help themselves.


Homeless people need homes, not just temporary shelters.


We all do better when residents live in affordable, quality homes. Safe, stable homes are necessary for people to be able to work and raise their children. For communities to grow and thrive, quality homes for people of all socio-economic levels are necessary.


My vision is for a prosperous region that provides housing options for all residents regardless of age, income or race.


Definition of affordable? When a household pays no more than 30 percent of its gross income for housing and utility costs.


Many partners are necessary to create affordable housing. State officials, local governments, developers, financers, non-profits and faith communities need to work together to make housing possible.


While we have made progress on affordable housing, we are not keeping up with the need.


Protecting Minnesota's clean air and water is a top priority. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is the crown jewel of our state, and I will do all I can to protect it.


I support the necessary funding for the state agencies that work on environmental issues, including the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Department of Natural Resources, the Board of Water and Soil Resources, and the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.


I also support projects vetted and recommended by the Legislative Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources.


We must protect our state's environmental assets for our children and grandchildren's future!


We must all work to eliminate racism and to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Our state is rapidly changing and growing more diverse. We need our public officials to recognize these changes, celebrate the beauty of our diversity, and take action to remove barriers for our marginalized populations.

Public Safety

Police officers and first responders are vital to our safety. These public servants put their lives at risk every day to protect us.


I support fair, transparent, accountable, and well-resourced police departments that protect and serve our communities.


I am committed to improving public safety by investing in our criminal justice system while fighting for common-sense police reform measures.


We must continue working hard to pass meaningful police reform, but we must also recognize and reaffirm the vital and irreplaceable role that the police play in our society.


We must work together for increased safety for all. Trust, accountability and treating EVERYONE fairly makes sense.


Together, we accomplish more

Health Care

Access to affordable health care must be expanded.


Americans spend twice as much for healthcare, yet our health outcome are worse than most other developed nations.


Minnesotans frequently fail to get medical, dental, and other needed care because of cost. Many struggle to pay for care.


Working together, there are ways to improve our healthcare system so that we save money while providing quality comprehensive care to all.


Minnesotans deserve a “best in the world” healthcare system, where patients choose their doctors and medical decisions are made by doctors and patients, not by insurance companies, or employers, or government.